Friday, March 2, 2012

Decorating With The Appliances

No, you have not clicked on Let Them Eat Cake accident.
This is still Bows On A Pig.
You see....March 1 is my birthday :)
This is one of my favorite gifts.
Yep, because it's pink.
And functional. And looks pretty dern cute sitting up on my kitchen counter.
Who could ask for more?
I normally don't like putting appliances out for everybody to see.
I am and will always be the nerd that hides her microwave in the closet.
But this lil purty thang... she gets to stay out.

The very first night I got my pink mixer, PBC and I made truffles.
Sound good?
They are scrumptous!!!! Try'em:;postID=2191407615999192623
My lil pink cake with an M on it; complete with glitter sprinkles and everything. 
Perfect for a Princess whose a Flibbertigibbet! 

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