Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Wrapping Fit For A Queen!

These presents are a lot easier to wrap than they look.  The magic key is to get ribbon that has wire in it.  I usually tie a piece to both sides of the box, making a T shape. Then, I just keep adding different colors of ribbon.  The butterfly (shove above) is actually a clip on Christmas ornament.  It will hide any ugly knots that all that are sitting on top of the box. I take the longest piece of ribbon tie it in a bow and roll the ribbon up.  EASY! EASY!
1. keep pieces of ribbons from previous presents in a bin.  You can see mine on the "Thankful Cards." post.
 2. Use Christmas ornaments that are small and nothing special to you, they really make a punch to your gift.
3. Think outside the box. Literally. Wrapping in it's self is so time consuming. Just put a bow around your gift and go with it.
4. If you feel like you need a box, head to Sam's, Costco, Wallmart, Target etc and buy a package of Christmas boxes. Add your bow and skip the paper!
5. Use all different sizes of ribbon. Add candy canes, lolly pops, or curly ribbon to hide knots. 
6.This project can be time consuming, I admit.  But do what I do.....turn on a Christmas movie with the peeps and roll ribbon to your hearts content!

NOTE: If there are no Christmas movies available, I would not advice letting STAL make your movie choice. PBC and I caved last night and watched several The Twilight Zone original shows.

I've been a Nervous Nelly ever since....

Grinch is a better choice :)

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