Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Lil Piggy Stays In Da House!

This is Truffles.
Last year Truffles stayed outside. I brought him in  this year...on account of some other jealous 'night varmit' yanking off one of his eyes.
Now he sits on our pass through, waving his lil star wand and flapping those angel wings for all the guests who sit at our table to eat.
PBC is mortified.
I say life is short and if you want a pink flying angel pig floating through your dining room,    
by golly, do it!
STAL just shakes his head in Bewilderment.
What else can I say?
Truffles matches the pink and purple Flibbertigibbet themed Christmas we've got going on around here.
My children do not live a boring life.
I hope yours don't.

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